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Choosing the right technology tools to run your business can be a daunting task. You’ve realized that your business is at a pivotal point and that the way forward is through technology reshaping the way you do things. We’ll help guide you through the jungle of options to pinpoint the tools that best fit your business. The right technology solution will reduce costs, simplify your processes and effectively advance your business. Get complete turn-key solutions that fit seamlessly with your business, with hands-on support every step of the way.


IT Business Analysis

Together, we map out how you’ve been running your business. We identify the problem points where your current IT solutions (or lack of) are leaving you bogged down instead of empowered.


From set up to data migration, we make sure you’ve got a turn-key solution that’s adding value from day one. We get you up and running quickly, with every detail checked and secure.

Training and Support

Get comprehensive, friendly and detail-oriented support for a smooth transition and confident step forward. Make sure you and your team are fluent and comfortable with your new technology.

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Who We Help

We work with small to mid-sized businesses. Our services are right for you if any of the following IT business challenges apply to you:

“I’m spending countless hours doing administrative tasks when I’d rather focus on actually growing my business.”
“I’m considering the move to cloud-based tools but I don’t know where to start .”
“I need an easy way of knowing when to follow up with leads, issue invoices, and reorder stock.”
“I’m using a number of different tools to run my business, but there’s no integration between them.  It takes forever to manually transfer data from one tool to the other.”
“I’m ready to hire more staff and take on more client projects, but I want to make sure the technology I’m using can handle future growth.”
“I have no clear track record of time and resources spent.”
“Word and Excel worked for me in the early stages, but managing client projects this way is tedious and leaves too much room for error.”

Our Process


First, we ask about you, your business goals and the challenges you face. We map out your current processes, identify needs and gaps, and uncover opportunities for improvement.


We leverage our extensive IT experience to source and evaluate the best-fit solutions for your business. We negotiate with vendors to make sure that the new tools fit your needs and budget.


We present our top choice solution to you, as well as similar, alternative options.  Here’s where you get to kick the tires of the new tools, ask questions and check out their usability. Together with you, we pinpoint the solution that best fits your business.


We set your company up in the new solution, migrate all existing data, and provide support to you and your staff for a smooth transition. Our job is done when you’re confident and comfortable with your new tools.

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